Have you ever stumbled into a restaurant because you were so hungry that your stomach took over your brain and forced you stop for a quick bite? I was walking down the boardwalk in Myrtle Beach and could not decide where to eat or which watering hole to park myself in to enjoy my favorite activity of people watching. After multiple laps around the shops, restaurants and bars, the hot sun became overwhelming and my stomach made the decision for me. About 30 feet away I could see a restaurant that seemed to be busy as people kept flowing in and out of the door. In an effort to eat something worthy of a Myrtle Beach Boardwalk lunch, I followed the crowd and practically sprinted to the door. Upon entering Peaches Corner I knew it had to have been there for a while, as it had a weathered, homey feel to it. The menu above the back of the bar was an old style slide board, the bar top encased black and white photos of famous personalities of the past and the prices were very affordable. The staff was pleasant, and the place was inviting so I sat at the corner of the bar with a view of the activity outside on the street.

As a huge fan of American fare and bar food, both staples of this great nation, I was very excited to see that Peaches Corner was well known for all three. After feeling my mouth begin to salivate as I watched patrons around me devour different types of footlong hot dogs and juicy burgers, I gave in and ordered one of each. The waitress/bar tender also strongly recommended that I try the deep fried Oreos, and since I had the afternoon wide open and an appetite to satisfy, I happily indulged. As I mentioned before, I love hot dogs and I love hamburgers, but you can imagine how satisfied and amazed I was when I my eyes rolled back into my head after my first bite of my chili covered footlong hot dog. It was truly an experience that to this day causes my mouth to begin to water just thinking about. The burger was no slouch either, and within just a few minutes both were gone. I will be honest, I had full intentions of ordering another hot dog, but after eating the rich deep fried Oreo, I was in such a happy place that I rolled myself off my stool, happily paid my check and walked out of what would become my go-to hot dog joint in Myrtle Beach.