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Myrtle Beach Miniature Golf

Myrtle Beach has some of the best miniature golf courses in the world.  With stunning courses sprinkled throughout the Myrtle Beach area, mini golf lovers can enjoy different themes, and difficulty levels, providing fun for the whole family.

Captain Hook's

While you putt around this eternal childhood-land of mini-golf in Myrtle Beach, you’ll see where the Lost Boys live; you’ll wander through a dangerous skull cave; you can help rescue Tinkerbell; and you’ll also embark upon Captain Hook’s ship. So, grab your putter and make sure your wristwatch is still ticking during this adventurous Myrtle Beach mini-golf challenge.

Dragons Lair

A fire-breathing dragon named Sir Alfred adds a fun sense of danger to Broadway at the Beach’s 36-holes of mini golf. Set in the Dark Ages, the Dragon’s Lair experience takes place over and around meandering streams, on a Viking ship, and in castles and caves, the latter of which holds one of the hardest holes in Myrtle Beach

Lost Treasure Golf

A mining train car takes putt-putters up the mountain to the first hole at these two exploration-themed 18-hole tracks. Legend has it that Professor Duffer A. Hacker discovered the mining car off the coast of South America during a gold and diamond mining exhibition in the 1920’s. Who knows if that’s true, but players will find dinosaur skeletons, stragglers with dynamite, and plenty of other old relics from Hacker’s hunt for treasure.

Mayday Golf

You and a group of friends have chartered a plane for a glorious golfing vacation in the tropics. Halfway through the flight, engine trouble! You’re going to crash! “Mayday! Mayday! We’re going in!" Captain Sparks radios. With every bit of strength and skill he has, Captain Sparks lands your chartered plane on an island, coming to rest at the top of a rocky mountain. To pass the time until you are rescued, why not grab your putters and set off to explore the island? Climb Mayday Mountain or follow the winding path around Rescue Falls for hours of challenging putting fun!

Cancoon Lagoon

Mayan-themed mini-golf course with 27 holes of indoor & outdoor play in & around a giant pyramid.